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We all need to believe in something:

… beauty, wellness, love, finances

Our Mission:


As hair stylists for 30 years and salon owners for 20, we are extremely passionate about providing our customers with beauty products that not only make you look fabulous but will enhance your healthy lifestyle: mind, body & spirit.  Our untapped concept is to combine the billion-dollar beauty industry with the billion-dollar healing stones and essential oils industry as more and more people look to integrate natural methods with their traditional “western” medicine. Most importantly, we will be an all-natural, gender-inclusive product line that meets many of your needs in one place. We want ALL people to be comfortable using our products. Let the beauty in nature bring out the beauty within you.


Steven J. Adelstein  |  Sandro Vernali


Hand Made Soaps with Healing Stones


All-natural soaps handcrafted  and made with intent with the finest ingredients of olive oils, honey, shea butter, and goat milk, and scented with essential oils and herbs to enhance your mood  and help you manifest what you desire. A sigil is molded into each bar and included are a blessing /chant and candle to light. Each time you use the soap, imagine what you desire. Each soap is individual in shape and scent as they are made in small batches and hand-cut, all with a touch of shimmer to give you that magical feel!





Synergy Roll-ons - Essential Oils & Healing Stones


Our custom blends of aromatherapy essential oils & healing stones include both the small stone chips in the oil blends as well as the stone roller ball itself!  Essential oils can improve your respiratory, digestive, and immune systems. Essential oils can aid our bodies in detoxifying from the synthetic chemicals that have been introduced over the past 50 years, which are literally killing us. Enhance your well-being with the synergistic healing properties of essential oils combined with the complimentary power of the healing stones!


Tiger Jasper

lift-me-up, aids with energy



Black Obsidian

aids with stress relief, anxiety, mental tension




aids with mental

clarity, focus



Rose Quartz

happy heart; aids with broken heart, depression




aids with curbing

hunger, weight loss



Red Jasper

aids with sex drive



Clear Quartz

calm & collected, aids with soothing nerves



Lapis Luzuli

aids with headaches




aids with sleep,





aids with sinus issues


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happy manifesting!